BT Error Manager is a BizTalk solution that integrates with your BizTalk implementations and applications. It provides an off the shelf solution to managing errors and failures that result from unexpected conditions or corrupt messages. This simplifies the administration and management of your deployed BizTalk solutions, reduces the required effort to develop and deploy new BizTalk based solutions. 


Download a full functioning version for free trial  BT Error Manger
The following is a summary of the features and advantages:
  • Simplify the Administration of BizTalk Based Solutions.
  • Reduce the required effort and time to develop new Solutions.
  • Ready solution to managing all the errors and failures on your BizTalk Group.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Ease to use intuitive user interface allows you to:
  • Define how to handle the different. Errors based on the error attributes.
  • Easy GUI to view and review the errors in the BizTalk group.
  • Generate reports on the errors in the system to view, export , or print.
BT Error Manager enables you to easily define how to handle the errors you can
  • Send an email with the error,
  • Copy the error to a file folder,
  • or develop your own custom handler.
You can define rules based on :
  • Error Type
  • Routing Failure Report ID
  • Outbound Transport Location
  • Send Port Name
  • Receive Port Name
  • Inbound Transport Location
  • Message Type
  • Failure Category
  • Failure Code
  • Description
System Requirements
  • BizTalk (version 2006, 2006R2, 2006 RFID)
  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • Windows 2003,server or later (all versions). 512 MB RAM memory and processor of 1GHz or higher
GT Stands by its products , GT will provide technical support for installing of licensed "BT Error Manager" through Email, phone, or Instant Messaging. GT Will provide licensed users with free updates. 
Order BT Error Manager ™ online and receive a one year license by email. New BT Error Manager One Year License is $599.99 USD per BizTalk Server. 

License Renewal for  BT Error Manager ™  is $199.99 USD per year per BizTalk Server